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DLP Test
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 HTTP POST - Form Data  - Transfer test form data via HTTP
 HTTP POST - File  - Upload a text file via HTTP (work in progress)
 HTTPS* POST  - Transfer test data via HTTPS
*NOTE: We use a self-signed certificate for HTTPS POST. If you want to use HTTPS POST, you will need to accept the self-signed cert, i.e. acknowledge warnings that the certificate isn't trusted. You're not entering sensitive data, and we're not capturing any data here, so it's okay.
 FTP  - Transfer test data via FTP
 Sample Test Data  - 100 records of random test data
Includes name, address, city, state, zipcode, credit card number, and social security number.
 Test Data Generator  - Create your own test data
Work In Progress. This will soon link to a page where you can generate test data to match your specifications. This will be allow you to test customized DLP policies for specific match conditions, i.e. customer/patient ID numbers. The generator will allow you to precisely define the test data to create.
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